Jen and Eoin's Wedding

Considering this was my first ever wedding and I've only seen weddings in movies I had very high expectations. This wedding was everything and more! It was so beautiful, the bride was gorgeous and smiling and there was lots of fun stuff and people to see.

There was a magician, a caricature drawer, a place to get professional pictures taken, free slippers in the bathroom, amazing food, a great band, a big dance floor, free wine and so on. I could really just go on and on, it was so cool! Haha!

I loved the speeches, the bride and groom dance and the bride's dance with her dad. It was all very beautiful and I believe they've set the standard very high for any wedding in the future. The people were so nice as well. It's my first time meeting that side of Ken's family and it was a very positive experience all together!

I've been working so hard editing and uploading a million pictures, but it seems I'll finally be on top of things. Yay! Now, I can finally get some breakfast in me a start the day:) Happy weekend everyone <3