iPad case

This iPad case is a bit of a funny story. A new store was opening in our neighborhood called TK Maxx which is really popular here in Ireland. Ken and I decided to go to the opening of the store for fun and we also heard that the first 200 people who came would get gift cards. I thought it would be really casual, it was only 10 euro gift cards so I figured it would be cool to get it, but not important at all. However, when I arrived there was a huge queue! They cut the ribbon and suddenly everyone ran into the store! It was insane!! There was one guy who apparently gave out gift cards and he was swarmed with crazy people and people trying to actually grab gift cards out of his hand. The security had to basically save him and I saw terror in his eyes, hahah!! He was so scared and with good reason!! Ken and I went into the store for about two seconds, but we couldn't get anywhere to even look around so we left immediately. I didn't think that much of it apart from the fact that it was a really good laugh. Like, people were vicious!! It was so funny, they were not joking around, they were going to get giftcards, I obviously couldn't stop laughing.

Later that day Ken tweeted the Ilac Center, where it was opening, and said that the event was really badly handled. They got back to him straight away apologizing and sent him such a long, lovely email asking for his address so they could send us gift cards to make up for it. Isn't that the sweetest? Yesterday we got a 50 euro gift card! That made me well happy of course and it definitely made up for the inconvenience. Ken being the adorable boyfriend he is gave me the whole thing! So sweet!

I got this amazing iPad cover and a bag. I'm so in love with it, it's so chic and it goes well with my iPhone case. I really needed a iPad case as well I never had one, yay!

You can find it here.