Global Village Pride News Talk

Yesterday afternoon Ken got a job as a photographer for a radio show. It's currently gay pride time here in Dublin it's like a long awareness time people fight to legalize same sex marriage and show every it's OK to be gay basically they have a huge parade and everything which I can't wait to be a part of. The way I understand it yesterday was THE gay pride day where they lit all the buildings in the colours of the rainbow and things like that. One of the things going on yesterday was also this radio show where there was many interviews with gay couples, trans people, gay people explaining what it was like being gay in their workplace and so on. It was really amazing to listen to and be in their live audience. So yes, Ken got hired as a photographer and he brought me to photograph with the other camera we have to make sure he got it all. 

It was an amazing event and it was really nice that I got to attend and listen as well as photograph.

They were sponsored by Barefoot Wine so there was free red, white and rosé. At first I didn't have any because I wanted to make sure I had all the pictures needed. A little bit later on when I had time to sit down and enjoy the radio show I was offered some wine which I couldn't resist, of course. It was goooooooooood! I am a big wine lover, I prefer white and rosé and I had quite a bit of it yesterday because it was delicious! I could hardly stop! The lovely man, Declan, who came as a representative for Barefoot Wine was so nice we are actually meeting up with him tomorrow and he is giving us wine. How amazing is that? I will write a proper blog post about Barefoot Wine later, I was very impressed!

They were also sponsored by The Cupcake Bloke who made amazing cupcakes decorated with bare man chests, gay pride flags, umbrellas and more fun stuff. They were delicious!

I thought it was a very special experience to be able to be at the live radio show and listen to all the stories. It was very touching and I'm definitely rooting for same sex marriage to be legalized!

I included the recording of the radio show if you want to have a listen:

Here I am with my fresh tan/sunburn, haha!

Here I am with my fresh tan/sunburn, haha!