I don't know what have been up with mine and Ken's iPhone chargers. Somehow they are both broken. First Ken's broke and we were sharing a cable for a while until Ken found a deal where you could get a cheap iPhone charger. The day his new cable arrived in the mail my good ol' trust worthy cable started disconnecting and I couldn't use it no more. Then Ken tried to plug his phone into his computer and they entire computer crashed and switched off! That happened about 3 times before we decided that today was the day we would finally go to an apple store and buy two new official phone cables. Why they have to cost 19€ is beyond me, but my dead phone is finally charging!

It was great, though because I really love that part of Dublin where the apple store is. It's like one of those places that is a bit out of the way so unless I have a reason to go there I don't really, but it has the best restaurants and fun shops. Ken and I also had some lunch at my favourite lunch spot in Dublin, Metro. I took some pictures of it and when I do my blog about the best spots to eat in Dublin I'll include the location. If you're an eager beaver, just google Metro Dublin. It's worth it!

On another note I'm still enjoying my Barefoot wine soooo much! It's the best <3 The Pinot Grigio is divine and goes perfectly with chicken and seafood!