Metro Cafe

Metro cafe is one of my absolute favourite spots to have lunch or breakfast. It's an absolutely charming place to eat and the menu is great. The waiters are very friendly and know the menu very well so that you can ask them questions about it. For example the other day I got tired of reading all the delicious things on the menu so I simply asked the waitress for a healthy good option and she told me about the Greek yoghurt with berries which was delicious. I can also recommend the Oak Smoked Salmon Salad and the scrambled eggs. Ken really enjoys the pancakes with syrup too. The quality of the food is great.

It's one of those spots that is easy to love and has so much heart and soul. The area around it is beautiful as well. It's my favourite Dublin Area by far. There are so many good restaurants and fun quirky shops around. It's also very close to Stephen's Green Park, Stephen's Green shopping center and Grafton Street. All amazing places to be!

43 William St S, Dublin 2

I want to remind you that this post isn't sponsored in any way. I'm starting a new thing with Travel Tips on the blog. As you can see there is now a section on the blog called Travel Tips where you can see my blog posts from each individual place I've visited. It's not going to be an ultimate travel guide, it's going to be quality things to see and places to go that I personally recommend and love. Dublin is a lovely city and I want to make sure you get the most out of it when you visit. I also have a lot of travel ahead of me with lots of opportunities to find the best spots to eat, drink and see.