Green & Black's

I was in a healthfood store the other day and as usual I hang out around the chocolate a lot, haha. I really like the Green & Black's Organic label. I tried out their sugarless chocolate at some point and I quite liked it! Ken and Mandy was not impressed, but I didn't think it was that different from really dark chocolate, I'll definitely have it again! I found a little thingy next to the chocolates in the healthfood store, I thought it was a booklette about the brand next to the chocolate and I asked if I could grab one and they said it was free so I did, not really knowing what it was. When I came home I discovered that it was chocolate recipes!! Yay! I'm telling you about this because if you come across this, don't assume it's a lame booklette, it's super awesome! 

I'm not sure when, at the moment I eat very little sugar, but I will absolutely try some of the recipes. Maybe I'll post some too, even though that would break my habit of only posting healthy recipes. Then again chocolate is healthy for the mind :)