First impression of Seville

I have wanted to go to Seville for a long time. I'm such a fan of beauty in general so when people told me it was it was the most beautiful Spanish city I obviously wanted to go. I have an old friend who I met through going to The Killers concerts who lives in Seville so I wrote to her, Julia, about what I should see and do. She wrote such a detailed list of what I should do, where I should eat and where I could stay. Thanks Julia! It was sooo helpful!

Seville is part of the Andalusian area of Spain which is where Flamenco, bullfighting and the Andalusian horse comes from. What I heard was that they were the proudest Spanish people and the most stereotypical Spanish. I love that so I was so excited to go as I hadn't been to Andalusia before.

Seville did not disappoint and definitely lived up to my high expectations. I realized soon enough that I should have more time there considering I was only there for a day. I had a blast! I can't wait to go back already!!