Time to charge the batteries

Right now I've spent hours writing our entire travel ahead down. I just made a list over every flight and every hotel and all of that. Writing it now it sounds like nothing, but I swear the list took forever! Soon I'm going to go over my packing, pack my carry on again, print tickets and so on. We leave in Thursday. I felt like I've prepared so much for this travel, I actually can't believe there is still a few loose ends to tie up, I feel like I've done nothing but! On Friday I see my dad again which I can't wait for. I feel like it's forever since I saw him last! His girlfriend, Jill, is going to be there as well, I'm looking forward to see her too. Then we all explore what Lisbon has to offer.

Right now it feels nice to have a few days in the country side to just finish packing and prepare. It's so beautiful here!