Memory Monday

It's Memory Monday time already?

Right now I'm sitting in a bed in a small room that belongs to Ken's aunt's daughter. It is full of Justin Bieber posters. Ken and I are leaving here in a while to head down to Dun Loaghaire to take the train back to Wexford. Then, on Thursday, we leave to Dublin. Friday we leave for Portugal, I can't wait! I'm so ready for this week already!

Hopefully when I'm in Wexford the few days I'll have time to sleep lots, run, read and do some yoga. It's much overdue and needed! I have already packed all my things for our 30 day adventure so I can just focus on getting ready, work on the blog and enjoy myself.

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I hope you are as ready for a fresh week as I am! I hope you do something extraordinary this week. If you do, tell me about it!

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