Memory Monday

Memory Mondaaaaay.

In less than a month I'm turning 23 so I figured I would write down everything I want to accomplish in my 23rd year, or is it 24th year..? Either way, I want to accomplish something between 23 and 24. I always accomplish something anyway, but I'd like to plan a little this time. For example I want my drivers license. I'm so close to being finished with it. I never did the theory test because I'm terrified of tests and failing them, I realize that is absolutely silly and when I've done it, it will feel sooooo good - whether I fail or not. If I fail I just try again until I get it. I actually don't mind failing or being wrong so much, I think the idea of it is way worse than anything else because you make a big deal out of it in your head. People fail everyday in major ways, they embarrass themselves and then they pick themselves back up and get back on track. I'm not the first or only one to fail and I always think that helps to think about, my failures seem small in the big picture, however, if I never try I'll never win or gain anything big either. I can only get stronger by overcoming my fear. I want to finish my drivers license this year and that means two tests, practical and theory and when I'm finished with them I'm going to feel so much better! I can't wait!!! Now I'll just start imagining what it will be like to finally have my license in my hand and get motivated.

I have some other things I would like to accomplish too. The reason I think it's so important to set goals is to feel stronger, accomplished and like you can do anything. Once you start setting goals it's actually really hard to stop, I get such a kick out of accomplishing something, big or small. Once you start you'll go into an upward spiral, set a good example for other people, feel good and fulfilled, feel in control and be ready for your next goal, may it be to make a cup of healthy tea or be the president. All goals count!!

It's freezing here today so I have lit the fire and soon I will do some yoga in front of the fire. I'm looking forward to it, it's great to do yoga again and thank god I can actually do it in front of the fire considering how cold it is. I am so enjoying the days getting longer, it makes me so happy every year. I can't wait for spring! But first there is my birthday :)