Good Days

Cutting Hollys nails went really smoothly yesterday, thankfully! The groomer was lovely and actually cut them for free, so nice! We were only in the groomer room for about 5 minutes, but Holly still smells like groomer! I didn't even know that was a smell, but that is one smell that won't go away. It's not bad or good either, it's just really strong! Holly was unusually hyper yesterday, we were walking in town and she was over the moon. She wanted to say hi to every single person, haha! Thankfully she is so cute a lot of people want to say hi to her as well. Today, however, she is unusually calm.

It is so crazy stormy outside, every time I go out I feel like I could actually blow away any minute. I've heard it's stormy back in Norway as well, maybe the storm just came over here!