Random Phone Snaps

I have been pretty productive the last few days. I even tackled Ken's huge laundry pile, haha! So many t-shirts and boxers has been washed!!

Eoin left today to go home. It was lovely to have him here I hope it doesn't go that long until I see him next. Ken and Eoin basically gamed from yesterday afternoon until today at 5. They only had a small break in the middle to sleep. They actually played the same game the entire time. Crazy bananas. It left me plenty of time to do my own thing so I was happy. I walked on the treadmill for 100 minutes today and yesterday. Today I started season 1 of Gossip Girl again, the actors looked so young!! Cute!

I decided to post some random phone pics from the last while. Some of the photos of Holly are just too cute not to post!