I miss summer with a passion. I miss doing yoga outside and feel the sun on my skin. I miss summer dresses and flowers in my hair.

Thankfully, summer will be back like it is every year. Now is a different journey, Ken and I have started looking for a new place to live which is exciting. We will find a very good place, I'm sure of it! Just today we wrote to an apartment right by a stable which is very cool. We'll see what happens. Also, it's soon my birthday, if I skipped right to summer there would be no birthday! Birthdays are incredible days and there is no way I would miss my own!

I keep on reading Cesar Millan, I absolutely love it. He creates such a beautiful vision on how to coexist with your animal, he's already taught me so much about dogs and people too. I just finished my second book by him and I'm continuing right on to the third. This time on my brand new kindle. It will be the first book I read on the kindle so we'll see how I like it. I'm looking forward to read more.

If I look to my right I see Ken on the couch chilling with Holly in his arm also chilling. It's crazy adorable!! She is almost too much, she is so cute!!