<3 Lana

I've enjoyed my one week off so much, but I'm readyish for a new week. I'm going to start a brand new diet that Ken's aunt and Ken's mum was talking about called CTC. Cut The Crap. Haha, I thought it was brilliant! I'm a junk lover so it doesn't hurt to just stop eating it for a while. My taste is completely either or, like, either I eat lots of fruit and vegetables, salmon and chicken or I eat chocolate and McDonalds, there is very little in between the really healthy and the really unhealthy, haha. I've found that I'm lucky to enjoy vegetables and stuff, I hear so many people hate it! I don't understand how they can hate it, it doesn't taste that much, but it tastes good at the same time. It also makes you feel so good so I always eat lots of fruit and vegetables.

For my birthday I got a session with an astrologer from Mandy, Ken's mum. I'm going to that Tuesday afternoon, it's my first time and I'm really excited!