I decided to stop eating crap lately. I think I owe that to my body for always keeping up with me! I've started diets before and stopped eating bad stuff before and the one thing that really helps for me is to buy lots and lots of snacks!

You may think that's a bit odd, but it makes the world of sense.

Obviously I'm still going to snack and want sweet stuff and so on, especially in the beginning. So I stock up on every snack I can think of that is not bad for you like carrots, dark chocolate, low fat yoghurt, apples, bananas, dry fruit, raisins and yoghurt nuts. I make sure that there is always something there to satisfy my cravings and not make me want to order a pizza or something. I always make sure I get nice and full of my breakfast, lunch and dinner as well so I don't feel like snacking in between. The last few days I have had oatmeal for breakfast because I know it keeps me full or a long time.

For me that always work so I felt like passing on the tip if anyone else is trying to cut down on the bad stuff as well:)